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Advice on Contracting with A11y Companies on Improving Municipal Web Sites


From: ""
Date: Apr 24, 2017 9:45AM

I've been asked to give a brief high-level presentation on web
accessibility to the ADA committee of a tech-savvy college town. I do not
have the time (and probably needed experience) to actually develop and
implement a plan for improving the town's web presence, so they've asked me
to give a sense of what resources would be needed to get them where they
need to be. Basically, I think they want me to give them some options for
companies that could do this sort of work and a rough sense of costs. This
might involve assistance in developing policy, identifying gaps, providing
training, audits, and remediation of existing sites.

A sense of the situation: The town has around 50K residents, I think one
full time web developer, and maybe 15-20 people who regularly produce
content for web delivery. They have contracted with a 3rd-party for the
design of their main site and use several 3rd-party web applications,
including online GIS systems. They broadcast town council meets on local
cable access and through online streaming and archive these for later

Anybody have experience with this sort of thing or can give recommendations
for next steps?