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Re: Home button on left, clickable tabindex=-1 logo on the right


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Apr 25, 2017 7:10AM

If I understand this problem correctly.

There are two links that point to the same URL, one is a "home" image
link and the other is just a regular link.
The regular link has been removed from focus order using tabindex="-1".

If this is the case I would not call an accessibility issue on it.
Why? Because the user can navigate to the home link to get to the
page, adding the other link will not help the keyboard only user (it
will be worse because it adds an unnecessary tab stop).
You could make a best practice recommendation that, if possible, the
two be merged, see WCAG technique H2

I am fine with use of tabindex="-1" where appropriate. It does not
alter the focus order, it just removes certin elements from focus
order but makes them focusable with JavaScript. It all depends on the
Also, a focus order does not have to be left to right, top to bottom
(though recommended), it just has to be logical.
I always call a fail on use of positive tabindex values, because those
will break the focus order of the page.

On 4/25/17, JP Jamous < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Tabindex should move left to right top to bottom unless the content is in
> Arabic or RTL languages. So yes, I would consider it as a failure.
> I don't like it when developers start messing with the tabindex. Leave it up
> to the browser. Again, KISS applies here as I always like to use it. The
> simpler the more productive the UI will be.
> From a UX prospective, that is not how the page is laid out to sighted
> users. Why should it be different for screen reader or keyboard only users?
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> Hi all,
> There's a client navigation I'm reviewing where they've decided, for brand
> reasons, to put the logo on the right.
> So the first thing in the header that's focusable is still a link to the
> homepage, they've put a link on the left which says "Home" (and is an icon
> of a house).
> The logo on the right goes to the homepage, and is still clickable but
> doesn't receive focus because it's got tabindex=-1 applied.
> Am I correct in assuming it's a failure of WCAG 2.1.1 as the logo itself is
> no longer able to be used by non-point-and-click devices?
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