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Re: Testing Web pages with Screen Reader after Disabling CSS:


From: Jonathan Avila
Date: Apr 25, 2017 8:05AM

Hi Ajeesh, in regards to current Section 508 standards -- some US Federal agencies are concerned with the ability to turn off CSS completely and as such you would want to look for things like hidden code or other markup, content appearing that shouldn't, and content that is missing such as background images and use of color that will go away.

As others have said on this list -- turning off CSS is not required for WCAG 2 A/AA conformance. WCAG does have failure techniques for using CSS background images to communicate meaning visually, reading order (meaningful sequences), use of color, etc.). So in regards to WCAG 2 -- it could be used as a tool for testing although it's a bit heavy handed and will tend to expose things that are not issues -- for example, it will unhide things that should be hidden to all users as Birkir explained.

The revised Section 508 standards include WCAG 2 A/AA by reference and as such are aligned with WCAG in this manner. So the idea of requiring or turning of CSS for testing will hopefully go away.

I did want to note that the ability for users to apply user style sheets on top of a page's style is still an important technique for personalization for users with low vision and users with some cognitive disability. Many users will likely want to change the font, color, or spacing to help them read the content. These are discussions that are occurring in regards to adapting text as a potential success criteria for future versions of WCAG.


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Hi All,
I am Ajeesh, working with IBM Accessibility Team, have number of
quarries regarding testing the Web pages after Disabling CSS, could
anyone help me please?
1. Once the CSS Disabled Web page will be rendered as same as DOM
Order, Since the Screen reader go with Linear reading order (DOM
order) do we have any extra benefits for doing Screen Reader
Testing after Disabling the CSS?
2. After Disabling CSS Found some of the extra hidden Elements, as
these are intentionally hidden from the actual Web page - do we
needs to consider the Accessibility lags of these hidden Content?
3. Once the CSS Disabled -There are some Functional difference found
on Scripted Interactive Elements, as the actual Web page working
fine -really do we needs to consider these issues?

What would be the objective to the Web page with Screen reader after CSS Off, kindly guide me.
Thanks in advance,
" Have a fantastic day "ahead"

Ajeesh Chacko Thomas,
Accessibility Test Engineer,
IBM India, Banglore,
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