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Re: Background music auto playing?


From: JP Jamous
Date: Apr 29, 2017 1:18PM

You cannot take SR users in consideration only. What about if I am fully sighted in an office setting and I load that page. The music starts playing and it gets heard by my boss and teammates. In fact, it might be so loud on my end that it scares some folks. What did you achieve with background music at that point?

I will be so quick to close the page, because it is in the foreground. The same would apply to SR users. If it were me, I would alt + F4 out of it or CTRL + W to close the tab. I won't visit that site again even if it has something I want.

I just gave you my user experience because the guys on here spoke enough about WCAG. Always keep in mind your audience and how you might make their user experience on your site. If UX designers pay attention to that part, they would eliminate so many WCAG failures. That's what my years of experience taught me.

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Can someone please let me know how screenreader users handle background music?

Am I missing something, or does this page not obliterate screenreader output and make it difficult to navigate?