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Re: Remote Usability Testing for AT users


From: Guy Hickling
Date: May 24, 2017 6:55AM


Thank you for that very helpful post, it has a lot of useful tips.

Just to fill in on one item you mentioned you weren't able to include, I
have been using JAWS Tandem, the equivalent of NVDA Remote, with a blind
consultant. He was able to connect to my PC and we could both control it
(so we had to cooperate to ensure only one of us was trying to control
things at any given moment!) He also uses it to provide instant screen
reader support and advice to sighted accessibility consultants.

At one stage we had the added twist that we were looking at a website that
could only be seen from his office in London using a trusted IP address. So
I had to set up a VPN connection to his office to see the website, while he
connected through JAWS and Freedom Scientific to my PC connecting to the
internet through his office system. Makes your eyes water just thinking
about it all!

We also tried Tandem in the reverse direction with me looking visually at
his PC. That had a problem that his screen appeared so highly zoomed that I
could only see a small portion of it and I was constantly having to drag it
round to see anything. We didn't solve that one, and I don't know whether
it was something to do with Tandem, or his PC.

Guy Hickling
Accessibility Consultant
01635 860 728