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MAGic and Siebel 6.2 on Windows NT4


From: Steve_Roberts@national.com.au
Date: Aug 20, 2003 5:57PM

I am seeking expert advice on identifying a possible solution to the

"Our operating system is Windows NT 4 with Service pack 6.

We have installed to a Dell gx260 running Intel 845 G/GL version 11.4.3
build 4.03.1381.3371 graphics driver.

We use Siebel version 6.2 and MAGic version 8.02.

While MAGic works fine with all our other programs there is a problem with
the mouse when using Siebel in that you are unable to actually point to
particular menu items as the mouse slows and then jumps item.

We were advised to start MAGic before Siebel but this has not resolved the

Has anyone else had this problem and been able to resolve it? Is there an
alternative product that will work under Windows NT 4.

As a work around, we have tried Smagnify v1.5 but that program causes a
refresh looking problem while MAGic is active and minimized. Smagnify
works with Siebel but is hard to work with as you are pointing in one part
of the screen but having to read in the magnified window that sits in
another part of the screen. It is like having two monitors.

Is there a 3rd product that we could use to manage the clash / sharing of
the video driver as an interim solution?"

Steve Roberts
Senior Technical Specialist, Usability
National Australia Bank Limited
Floor 2
100 Victoria Pde
East Melbourne
Victoria 3002
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