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Bibliographical tags in PDF


From: Alan Zaitchik
Date: May 24, 2017 9:09PM

Another question, if that's OK. (I have been asking quite a few lately...)

I have a long Bibliography (67 items) collected at the end of a long PDF document which I must make accessible, using only Acrobat. (No access to the original Word document.)

At present the tags for a bibliographical reference such as

1 Center for Mental Health Services: SAMHSA. (August 2008). GPRA Definitions, Instructions and Forms for the MHT-SIG Program. Prepared by: MANILA Consulting Group and Human Services Research Institute.

look like the following:
Center for Mental Health ... (etc.)

That is, each Bibliographical item is simple a <p>.

I can manually retag all the pieces in a semantically more meaningful way, but I am not sure what is the desired markup.
Also, the links to the Bibliographical items (from the body of the document) work now. If I retag them will that destroy the links?

All suggestions are welcome.