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Re: Keyboard focus order for re-ordered elements


From: Detlev Fischer
Date: Jun 15, 2017 6:10AM

Hi Alastair,
just to clarify - maybe I misunderstand and it's just a terminology issue - you wrote:

> Around half of the examples in Rachel Andrew's Grid by Example re-order the
> source (compared to a row-by-row order):
> https://gridbyexample.com/examples/
> That is not a criticism of the examples, that is what grid is supposed to
> do!

What do you mean by "re-order the source"? The source code order remains the same, what is changed is the visual order when zooming in, like in this example:

So that is nothing new? If developers are at all aware of the importance of source code order and focus order, they will realise that changing the visual position of grid elements will lead to unexpected content AND focus order (e.g. jump down to a navigation that comes first in source code but is put at the bottom in a responsive view).

I am not sure what you are getting at - are you making the point that some of those grid designs (like others) would violate 1.3.2 and 2.4.3 and should be avoided (or the behavour should repaired by some means (changing source code order, sniffing techniques, or even via currently badly supported things like aria-flowto)?