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Re: Linked In Alumni Tool


From: JP Jamous
Date: Jun 15, 2017 11:00AM

1. I don't like LinkedIn on my desktop platform. I used it with IE11 Firefox and Chrome. The accessibility was terrible before Microsoft bought it. Right before Microsoft bought it, the Microsoft initiative of accessibility replicated to LinkedIn. I even had a chat with the lead person on the LinkedIn A11Y initiative and she informed me that it is a long hard struggle. Since, then, I have noticed more A11Y added to the site, but not in all areas especially those that are new UIs. That tells me that the A11Y team and the PM teams aren't working together to apply A11Y from the start.

2. I like the mobile app of LinkedIn on my iPhone. It is more accessible and has less garbage, or ads. I hate ads because they put them all over the DOM. A screen reader user might be reading something important and all the sudden hit an ad about a masters degree. It is bad UX as it takes my focus off what I was reading on the page. The mobile app doesn't have that.

3. The e-mail part of LinkedIn was better before the release of this new UI. I cannot find a delete button for the life of me on the mobile app to delete unneeded messages. However, it is present on the desktop version. Go figure. It sounds to me like the mobile teams and desktop teams are not in-sync.

It is not terrible, but it can be a pain in the neck for someone that is very busy. I recall as a student I had lots of time to play with chat programs which were popular back then like ICQ. I might be the same if I was younger with social media. However, I check my LinkedIn once a month as free time is scares for a very busy person like me.

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Anyone have thoughts on the accessibility of LinkedIn, and specifically the Alumni Tool? Widget plugin and results views?


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