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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: On-line course on accessible web design


From: Eoin Campbell
Date: Aug 29, 2003 3:26AM

Hi there,
I noticed item 8 on the course concerns creating accessible Word documents,
and had a look at your online slides, which are focused on how to convert
Word to accessible PDF with bookmarks, using heading styles etc.

My company develops software to convert Word directly into accessible HTML,
and we have defined Word templates that make the process of applying structural
markup (e.g. Heading and List styles) to Word documents much easier.
You could try downloading a template from
In the template, we have an explicit menu bar listing the styles,
and have assigned keyboard shortcuts to the common styles such as
<Ctrl>+1 = Heading 1, <Ctrl>+<Shft>+8 (*) = List Bullet, etc.
We have found that using this template makes it much easier to get
people to apply markup.

I am new to the list, so apologies for the commercial plug:
You might also like to try out our online Word to Accessible HTML
conversion service at www.yawconline.com, or download our Word plug-in
from www.yawcpro.com

At 28 Aug 2003 11:15:17 -0500, Jon Gunderson wrote:
>This is a 17 session on-line course on designing universally accessible web resources for people with disabilities, starting September 23rd, 2003. The course is primarily designed for web developers who understand basic concepts of HTML. Continuing education credits are available. Some of the course highlights include:
>8. Publishing accessible versions of Microsoft Office Documents

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