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Re: [WebAim] work arounds required for vstfs.


From: JP Jamous
Date: Jun 26, 2017 2:20AM

Since it asks you to double click, did you try to simulate a mouse double click using the JAWS cursor? I know this can be hard as you have to Route JAWS to PC, press page up and down arrow until you find the desired item. Only then you can simulate a left mouse click. A left mouse click is simulated by using the multiplication key above Numpad 8. Hit it twice rapidly and you'd simulate a double left mouse click.

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Subject: [WebAIM] [WebAim] work arounds required for vstfs.

Hi all, greetings.
As the subject line says, I need some work arounds for the visuall studio team server foundation.
Actually, I am using the web version of vstfs to add the questions for the inspection tool.
When my focus goes on the questions options like, pass/fail, yes/no.
multiple choice, the jaws just reads the text. and, when I press enter on any options, the options are not getting activated.
In the end of the questions, there is a message displayed saying, To add double click or drag & drop one of these question types onto the form.
How can I use dragg and drop feature on the web with jaws.

hope some 1 will help me to find the workarounds for above mentioned issues.

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