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Re: which are the things should keep in mind while doing content testing?


From: timy
Date: Jul 2, 2017 10:45AM

Hi sara and all,

Thanks those who are responded to my questions, and sorry for the
delayed response.

yes, truely said, I am a screen reader user.

some more questions I would like to ask,

kindly answer those.

1. How can I check html code of any of the element in internet
explorer 11?

I tried with control u, but, I couldn't find any of the html tag
unfortunatly while using jaws.

I know focusing any of the element and pressing insert shift f1 will
provide some of the element information (jaws key stroke), but, that
will not be helpful to the developer, right?

Why I am asking because in a webpage, some of the content, the screen
reader is reading as simple text, but, visually it appearing as
heading, told my coleek.

Example of that text:,

sign in with skype

download skype.

if the heading tag is provided like <h1 or whatever, the screen reader
user can easly find it out, right?

2. While checking some of the punctuations like, :, fullstop and comma,
which are the things we should keep in mind?

For example:,
One of the webpage I observe that, they have mentioned like, For
download the skype do the following, then : and, coma, is the right

or, :, and coma are not necessary there?

3. while providing some of the features of the product, I observe that,
they haven't mentioned the features or, new improvements below the newly
released product name, is it a good practice?

For example:,

Skype version 6.0.

list of three items,

Bullet Screen reader support added.
Bullet now screen reader announce, online and offline status of the user.
Bullet Now you can turn it off time announcement, once the screen reader
user is sending a message pressing f2.
list end.

For better understanding of the screen reader user, can I suggest to
the developer to add reasont improvements are:, or features are: below
the product version?

4. one of the webpage, I observe that, fullstop is provided below the
alternative text for an image, and the spelling also wrong.

So, read the below example and, tell me any reccomentation.

grafic screen soit of first page

bit urjent, so, please,
help me out.

With regards,

Timy Sebastian.