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Re: How to become a DHS "Trusted Tester"?


From: Peter Shikli
Date: Jul 18, 2017 4:18PM

Angela & Jeremy,

Yes, it took a big chunk out of my social life, as well as my day job.
You may pull it together in less than 273 hours, but I needed to understand
the curriculum very well since I'll be teaching it to the prison inmates
who are our accessibility analysts. Keep in mind that those hours included
going through the material, Q&A with their support folks who are very good,
their mandatory practical exercises, and then their final exam, which takes
10 hours for each attempt with post review. Since you need to score at
least 90%, plan on more than one attempt.

They tell you to budget 6 months to complete, but if you don't crowd it
into half that, you'll start to forget stuff. Don't worry about the 60-day
limit to each class in the curriculum. The clock doesn't start on the next
one until you finish the previous one.

Peter Shikli