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Re: Are native Android bottom sheets accessible?


From: Judith Blankman
Date: Jul 19, 2017 10:09AM

Thank you, this is very helpful. Much appreciated!

From: WebAIM-Forum < <EMAIL REMOVED> > on behalf of Detlev Fischer < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
Date: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 at 1:46 AM
Subject: Re: [WebAIM] Are native Android bottom sheets accessible?

In my recent TalkBack testing with Android/TalkBack, several devices kept the focus circulating in the three elements of the bottom sheet. You had to move focus to the content section or the top by touching those areas. TalkBack does announce the bottom sheet controls but you have to focus them directly by touching them (which is not so bad because their position is constant and at a predictable distance from edges/corners).

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Judith Blankman via WebAIM-Forum schrieb am 12.07.2017 21:55:

Native Android bottom sheets are new to me.
Is there anything we need to be concerned about implementing them on an Android
phone? I would like to assume that native = accessible, but would appreciate
hearing that from this community.
I found this guidance on do’s and don’ts, which can help direct design
considerations, not block key elements from view, etc.
My questions:
* Will the screen reader announce the bottom sheet when it pops up? Does
focus get moved to it natively?
* Will a screen reader user simply swipe to discover it?
* What is the expected and/or optimal experience?
Judith Blankman