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Re: first row in table not table headers


From: Meacham, Steve - FSA, Kansas City, MO
Date: Jul 26, 2017 12:40PM

That's a unique way of doing things. I agree with your discomfort.

If the <th> isn't at the top of the table, here's what I'd try to get, though you may be unable to affect this change either. The <td> cells that use those <th> headings could use the header/id attribute pairing to establish that connection. The pagination row would not. I'd then test the hell out of it see how things really behave, but first I'd make sure it's even possible in the .net control, which it sounds like you don't control.

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Looking for opinions. How egregious is it to have the first row of a data table be a row containing the paging links and the second row be the table headers?
This rubs me the wrong way, but the .net control we are using does this and it would be significant amount of work to re-engineer it.

Although simplified, this is what I'm describing:

<tr><td> Page: 1, 2, 3, .... </td></tr>
<th>Column heading 1</th>
<th>Column heading 2</th>
<tr><td>cell 1</td><td>cell 2</td>etc.</tr> </table>


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