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preferred method for alerting user that results are displayed after search


From: Angela French
Date: Jul 26, 2017 5:28PM

We have a web form that creates a query to a database. After the screen reader user (I'm using NVDA to test) clicks "search" the results show on the page, but NVDA doesn't announce them. The same goes on our login form if the user doesn't enter a valid username. We have tried using aria-alert="assertive" but it is not announced. In a Google search I'm reading from a few years ago that screen reader support for these live regions is spotty. Is that still true? What is a fool proof method for alerting users that the results are now displayed on the page? If the results have a link in them, then tabbing seems to work, but not so on our user error message.

Thank you

Angela French
Internet/Intranet Specialist
Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges