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Remediation of Substantial Pages of Large Websites


From: Peter Shikli
Date: Aug 30, 2017 8:24AM

A government agency would like to achieve a level AA Rating for their
website per WCAG 2.0.  Officially, I believe that means all their web
pages would need to each meet a level AA Rating.  They have over 10,000
pages, far too many to analyze and remediate.  The vast majority are
archival pages such as meeting minutes.

With a website visitation report, I can identify the pages receiving
let's say 90% of the public visits, perhaps 100 or so pages.  If we
bring those pages to a AA rating, could we claim the website has a AA
Rating because a substantial number of web pages have that rating?

If not, can you refer me to WCAG guidelines for making large websites

Peter Shikli