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Re: Screen reader Testing with NVDA /IE


From: Graham Armfield
Date: Sep 28, 2017 2:51PM

My view is that NVDA works best with Firefox rather than IE11. That's not
to say that you can't use NVDA with other browsers, but FF seems to be most
complete an experience.

It is also my view that if you are going to use one screen reader to test
the accessibility of a page then NVDA/FF will give you the most accurate
results. JAWS does have a tendency to 'make allowances' for poor coding
which can skew the results. An example concerns input fields and labels. If
an input field has some adjacent text, JAWS seems to confidently present
this text as a prompt for the field, even though the label is not
explicitly (and therefore programmatically) linked with the input field.
NVDA however will not voice the text as a label unless the 'label' and
input field are linked.

Graham Armfield