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Re: checking for contrast errors


From: Jeremy Echols
Date: Oct 3, 2017 2:04PM

For what it's worth, assuming you use ARIA and JavaScript properly (I haven't tested this), you won't need to announce that a submenu is present, because screen readers will tell the user that there's a dropdown or that something can be collapsed or whatever. If that happens, you can eliminate the unnecessary text, and as a bonus the contrast errors go away.

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I occasionally see this kind of behavior when there is a background image which makes the text visible, but without the background image, the text would be hard or impossible to see.

That said, your page seems to have invisible text that's flagged as being poor contrast. Perhaps the method used to hide it isn't what WAVE expects? Or maybe it's being hidden with JavaScript, so WAVE doesn't know it's hidden. It is a little odd, though, that the text is there at all. It's the "has submenu" text so far as I can tell, but something odd happens to it - it's "has submenu" in the HTML, but it changes to " submenu." In the DOM, which makes it even tougher to locate, since " submenu." isn't in the source.

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on Wave there are 3 buttons on the top Styles, No Styles, and Contrast.
Clicking on the Contrast button, shows the 4 errors.
but I can't find them on the page either.
3 of the 4 errors are the same color combo #000000 and #252525 the last one is #ffeeb5 and #f9f9f9 In your css you define the foreground AND background for most elements.
Given that, still can't find the offending combinations anywhere. One of the things I do to find "hidden" low contrast text is to select all on the page to highlight everything. poor contrast (forgotten heml elements because of contrast) pop out. That is not the case on your page.
I think this is a wave team question


On Tue, Oct 3, 2017 at 12:31 PM, Sandy Feldman < <EMAIL REMOVED> >

> hey all,
> http://imerciv.com/i/test.html
> I have a page up that is kicking up some contrast errors. I am using
> WAVE and checkmycolours.com to check it. WAVE finds 4 errors on the
> dark style sheet. Check my colours finds 40 on a combination of both
> dark and light styles.
> The problem is I can't find the errors on the page or in the css. Are
> these false positives, or am I missing something? (probably missing
> something.)
> Is there a contrast check utility that you like? One that does a whole
> page at once?
> thanks so much, Sandy
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