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PowerPoint Video Accessibility


From: JP Jamous
Date: Oct 4, 2017 10:38AM

I recall a post on this list that had to deal with an inaccessible
PowerPoint default video player. Depending on what version of Office is
being used, the player can be accessible to some degree.

I tested yesterday Office 2010 in slideshow and there was no way for me to
play the video with JAWS 18. I decided to check the same PowerPoint file in
Office 2016. To my surprise, it worked.

Here is how you should execute it:

1. When you get to the slide that has the video during the slideshow,
press the Applications key
2. When the pop-up menu shows, up-arrow to Pointers and press Enter on
3. As the pop-up menu closes, press the Enter key. Do not try to press
any other keys.
4. The video should play and once done, you can move to the next slide

One thing to note. Do not press Enter to stop or pause the video. I was
unable to restart it. When I hit Enter after pausing it, JAWS moved me to
the next slide. That was why I stated that it is somewhat accessible.

I hope this helps some of you.

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