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The W3C Markup Validator


From: Geoff Deering
Date: Oct 6, 2017 3:54PM


I've been out of the Web Accessibility domain for around 15 years... age
and disability. I use to contribute to the W3C Guidelines in this area, so
I had a reasonable handle on this.

I was in the process of writing an article on Web Standards and Compassion
and Wisdom for an online magazine.... which I feel passionate about... but
I've been stopped in my tracks by The W3C Markup Validator (

If anyone can please explain to me what is going on with the W3C Validator
I'd appreciate it.

I thought that all the DTDs would be backward compatible. It doesn't seem
so. Even the code on this example no longer validates...


Actually, I've gone through so many web sites that are from people who know
these standards, and I can't find any that are not showing errors. These
people know these standards well and how to apply them.

So what is happening with the W3C Validator?

The only instances I see of no errors and just warnings are where the
doctype is declared in the HTML5 declaration <!DOCTYPE html>.

I've also got little idea how to apply semantic richness to HTML5.... how
do <strong> etc work in HTML5?

But back to the W3C validator, what is going on with it... is it now only
validating HTML5? That's the way it appears to me.

Geoff Deering