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Re: CAn this page be saved from itself?


From: Holly Marie
Date: Sep 17, 2003 7:03AM

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From: "Paul Bohman"
> Steven C. Perkins asked:
> Can this page be saved and made accessible?
> http://www.lawschool.cornell.edu/lawlibrary/default.asp
> My reply:
> First of all, I'll state the obvious: the entire page is one big Flash
> object.

A lot of excellent points made by Paul.

One more I would like to add. If the Flash is not absolutely necessary
and same can be provided with HTML, a thought might be given to download
time. Though we can test against guidelines, do manual checks on
extended items that miss testing, we also need to think about general or
basic usability items that enhance a user visit, including users with
Accessibility challenges.

Speed in load of content is one... and if deciding to offer an html page
alternative, I wonder about the length in time a visitor has to wait to
get that alternative link to load and work. Some people accessing web
sites already have a difficult enough time and it takes an amount of
effort to get to information and links, getting the information loaded
up quickly at the beginning.

This website seems like it might be frequently returned to for some
users, including users with a variety of challenges. This being the
case, and if the site wants to continue to offer Flash and an
Alternative html page, perhaps a cookie or recalled user preference
could remember the visitor or user choice on the previous visit and load
up the page display choice for the return visits[so they would not have
to wait through the flash page load to access the HTML pages again].


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