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Re: styling phone links


Date: Oct 12, 2017 9:46AM

Hi Angela,

It’s been a while since I used Site Improve, but when I did, I was able to use its filtering features to ignore certain types of content. Sometimes it was specific words, or terms, that it would flag as incorrect spelling. However, I remember using its tools to find specific lines of html so we could make changes. So maybe it’s not about fooling it, but telling it what to skip. Can you tell it to ignore any link with the “tel” attribute during its crawl of your website?

Hope that helps.

On 10/11/17, 12:52 PM, "Angela French" < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

On our website our links are blue with a border-bottom that change to orange when they receive focus. However on phone numbers (we use the tel attribute), we use media queries to remove the link styling on devices we can generally assume (by their size) are not capable of making phone calls.

This style is dinging us on Siteimprove because there is the link is not distinguishable. Of course an automated device does not consider the media queries.

I tried a white border-bottom to try to fool the evaluator, but that didn't work. (our background color is white).

Any ideas on the best way to style phone links so as not to flag this error? We made this media query because in the beginning I was getting calls from people saying they were getting a weird message when they clicked on these links (from their computer). In IE, it opens a dialog that asks what application you want to use to open the link.


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