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Re: required field not being announced in Firefox/NVDA


From: Angela French
Date: Oct 13, 2017 12:30PM

It isn't that it doesn't honor the html required attribute. It does say "please fill out the required field" it just doesn't read the label associated with the required field. Thus if there are more than one required fields the user doesn't know which one is being referred to.

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Hi Angela, can you show us the code in context? There’s no reason for NVDA and Firefox not to honor aria-required and the HTML5 required attribute.

Nick Beranek
Capital One

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I have tried the following and none of them read the label of the required field after alerting the user to please fill in the require field.

I give up.


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Semantically, it should be required="true". Required is the short-hand writing for it and browsers are forgiving as we know them.

Personally, I prefer required="true". Each HTML attribute has a value. Why do this one differently.

Did you try to use aria-required="true" to see if NVDA would respond differently?

Just keep in mind that NVDA was not created to function with either IE or edge. So having it fail with those 2 does not come as a surprise to me. In fact, I would consider it normal behavior.

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Subject: [WebAIM] required field not being announced in Firefox/NVDA

We are using the html required element (required="true") to indicate required fields. The problem when testing with NVDA is that focus goes to the required field but doesn't read the form label so the screen reader user doesn't know which required field they missed. The only way to find out, it seems, is to go back an element in the form and then forward again so the label will be read. Is this a bug, or are we doing something wrong? It works fine in Chrome. We've given up on IE or Edge with NVDA,

Thank you

Angela French
Internet/Intranet Specialist
Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

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