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I want to ask your help about accessibility information on Windows application


Date: Oct 16, 2017 2:48AM

Hello, I'm Hyongsop Kim in Korea and screen reader user.
I'm working as a web accessibility test engineer.
So in case of web accessibility, I can test and advise to developers how to fix.
By the way, in case of windows application, I have no knowledge about that.
So if someone knows some issues that I'm asking, please help me.
1. In case of web, WAI-ARIA is the complementary tools to improve reading web pages by screen reader.
So if developers use typical controls such as link, button, input type=text and etc, there is no need ARIA.
But if tab control, custom control and etc should be used, ARIA is required.
By the way, in case of UI automation, is the function same as ARIA?
In other words, if windows software developer use typical controls such as combobox, checkbox and etc, there is no need Uai automation, right?
2. Our developer is using python win32 application, but doesn't know about UI automation.
By the way, he asks me to test his program, I discovered that an editbox has no label.
In case of html, I can advise him, to use label tag with for attribute or aria-lbael, but in case of python, how to advise to him?
3. Last question, in case of web, there is a tab index, that controls of keyboard focus.
But in case of win32, how to controls keyboard focus?

Thank you for your help.
I know that this community is discussing group regarding only web issues.
But I couldn't find about accessibility of windows software discussion group.
If you can't reply, because of this group character, please let me know the other channel that I can post it.

Thank you.

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