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creating a shopping cart website with accessibility


From: Marvin Hunkin
Date: Oct 19, 2017 5:17AM

Hi. doing a course diploma of software development from
http://www.upskilled.edu.au and will be doing a shopping cart, have not done
any thing like this before. So, what accessibility pointers would you put in
if you were implementing a system? Also what's the best free accessible
jquery editor for jaws 18 or jaws 2018 which I am currently beta testing and
hope to get the windows creators fall update just waiting for it to be
pushed to my windows update, have not got it yet and in Australia. It was a
couple of weeks time, the last creators update when I got it.

Okay, and also where to find some good free images for a shopping cart. Will
google and have a look at some shopping cart sites, to get an idea of
navigation, and what accessibility features, and also any good css layouts
and able to point me in the right direction. Not to do it for me, but when I
will be starting next week, some pointers. Did do a project, about logins
for students, for my diploma of website development from
http://www.tafensw.net.au and blue mountains online campus in 2012. So, any
pointers, and also what colours to use I need to use four colours. Any one
who has done a shopping cart as a personal project or for a client, so, any
pointers, not to do it, and well I am allowed to do a word document, as
cannot use a story board, no accessible drawing or paint program, to work
with jaws and also he is allowing a sighted friend, local, who is a web
developer and knows about accessibility for the blind and visually impaired,
able to edit the images and have a look as a second pair of eyes, my lectuer
said that in the assignment document just read tonight.

So any pointers in the right direction.


Marvin from Australia.

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