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Re: Tabindex and skip links...


From: Stephanie Sullivan
Date: Sep 24, 2003 2:55PM

on 9/23/03 11:03 PM, Stephanie Sullivan at <EMAIL REMOVED> profoundly
spewed forth their very articulate thoughts:

> I've tried several workarounds. Some were likely not too kosher. But I can't
> get anything to work. <sigh />

I have one working now. But I have no idea who can actually use it. I'd
appreciate feedback if anyone has knowledge of this.

For the two forms that the skip links go to (log in and search), we are
using an onClick JavaScript that will take the user to the first form field
and give it focus.

I know this will work for people that need to tab through pages. But I'm not
sure about assistive technology and javascript.

Is there a compiled list anywhere that tells what assistive tech does with
JS? I'd be very interested in that.

Thanks again. :)

Stephanie Sullivan

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