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transcript links


From: Sarah Ferguson
Date: Nov 7, 2017 8:54AM

Hi everyone,

A quick question about transcript links...

Normally, when we have a thumbnail for a video embedded on a page, we have
a link to the transcript immediately following it. We have a few pages that
are entirely videos, so imagine an H1 followed by dozen tiles of embedded
video thumbnails, each with a title of the video.

Obviously, we can't have the link "video transcript" under each, because
then the links would not be unique or descriptive enough. We could put
"[Title of video] transcript" underneath. the problem is, some of the
titles are quite long and it does not look good in the tiled layout. Is
there any reason we couldn't add a heading "Video Transcripts" to the page
and then list each video title as a link?

Trying to think outside the box to make the higher-ups happy :)