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Re: New windows and protected resources


From: Heather P. Westerlund
Date: Nov 9, 2017 2:41PM

Great recommendations, thank you!

Heather Westerlund
Associate Director for IT, Collections, and Innovation
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Sarah's suggestion is great.
Make sure the icon has alt text or else use the title attribute of the link to tell users the link opens in a new window (keyboard only users do not always see the title attribute, but they see the icon, screen readers are getting good at communicating the title attribute, and the text at the top of the resource list also communicates the information).

On 11/9/17, Bourne, Sarah (MASSIT) < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> If all of the resources open in a new window, then perhaps stating
> that at the top of the list would be enough. But humans are pretty
> good at skipping over things like that - "banner blindness" as an
> extreme example. I would prefer having that noted at the link itself,
> for reassurance. The icon approach is good. Or do both:
> Links on this page open in a new window [insert new window icon as
> illustration]
> - Nursing database [icon]
> - Banking database [icon]
> etc.
> If you aren't going to give people complete control (in this case, by
> determining how the link opens) you need to put a bit more effort into
> telling them what's going to happen.
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