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Re: Available title indication via css


From: Wolfgang Berndorfer
Date: Nov 11, 2017 9:37AM

For WCAG standards I don't discriminate, when I use title attribute, as far
as I expand in first instance: Everybody can find the meaning in first
instance on the page. My point is that is not enough for usability.

And the metaproblem stays: Is it a discrimination to help some people with
functionality, which is not available general. My opinion: It is no
discrimination. Nobody would forbid graphic organigramms for instance,
because their complex informations about relations can textually only be
explained too verbously.
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On 11/11/2017 14:40, Wolfgang Berndorfer wrote:
> Here we come to the fundamental discussion: Is allowed, what is helpful
> some, but inaccessible for others?

If you provide content only perceivable by one user group, you're
discriminating/disadvantaging other user groups.

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