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Re: Available title indication via css


From: Wolfgang Berndorfer
Date: Nov 12, 2017 12:44PM

Hi all,

My personal interim summary:

Thanks for the interesting discussion and imputs! I try to sum up under the
viewpoint of my original question, which I'd like to precise like this:

Is a visual indication for the existence of a title-attribute on an element
via styling necessary?


1. Visual Indicators for the existence of a title-attribute are helpful for
sighted users with the ability to trigger hover-effects with their mouse and
should therefore be considered as necessary. [At least there where no
objections against the substance of this statement.]
2. The visual indication of the existence of a title-attribute is neither
necessary nor sufficient for WCAG conformance when using title-attributes.
It's simply an issue of usability for sighted mouse users.
3. The helpfulness of a title-information not only in the first instance
results from navigational strategies of users which can cause a skip over
the first instance.

BUT don't forget the general accessibility problems of the thitle attribute:

1. The title-attribute ist not available for keyboard-only usage except
a) in MS Edge [didn't look for detailed implementation] and
b) for some elements via screen reader functionalities depending on
settings. (e.g. abbr-attribute presented as abbreviation or expanded)
2. Therefore the first instance of an element to get title-informations MUST
present the information in plain text, which means automatically visible on
screen and anounced by screen readers. (e.g. meaning of an abbreviation,
translation of foreign language element, .)