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Re: Combo Box Displays incomplete items - content or accessibility issue?


From: Sarah Jevnikar
Date: Nov 17, 2017 7:38AM

Makes sense - thank you so much for your thoughts.

Sarah Jevnikar

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I'm not aware of a Success Criteria that covers this situation, but I think it clearly violates WCAG 2.0 Principles 1 and 3, and Guidelines 1.3, 1.4, and 3.1. The Success Criteria, as good as they are, will shift over time with technology. The Principles and Guidelines are more durable, though more abstract.

Principle 1 "Perceivable - Information and user interface components must be presentable to users in ways they can perceive,"

Guideline 1.3 "Adaptable: Create content that can be presented in different ways (for example simpler layout) without losing information or structure"

Guideline 1.4 "Distinguishable: Make it easier for users to see and hear content including separating foreground from background"

Principle 3 "Understandable - Information and the operation of user interface must be understandable"

Guideline 3.1 "Readable: Make text content readable and understandable"

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Subject: [WebAIM] Combo Box Displays incomplete items - content or accessibility issue?

Hi again all,
I've been presented with a combo box which repeats or truncates items with both JAWS and NVDA using IE and Chrome (though not when using Firefox). This has been documented as a Drupal plugin (called Dropkick) problem. It would appear we are too far along in the development process to retrofit this for accessibility.

My concern right now lies elsewhere. I'm told that the text is visually cut off, which has been flagged as an accessibility issue. Is this an issue of accessibility or content? It's obviously not ideal that text is shortened, but does it violate WCAG? I'm told by sighted colleagues that it's not an uncommon occurrence on the web but don't like the thought of it.

The page is below:
where filters are presented as dropdown lists.
Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much,
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