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Re: conundrum with sufficient contrast on menu items


From: Swift, Daniel P.
Date: Nov 17, 2017 2:26PM

You could get more space if you space out the menu items evenly (assuming the menu layout is similar) ... at 1/6. Currently you have more room on the right than the left. You can probably get away with a larger font size if you do that.

Just a thought before I run off.

Dan Swift
Senior Web Specialist
Enterprise Services
West Chester University

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Subject: [WebAIM] conundrum with sufficient contrast on menu items

I'm in a real pickle trying to figure out how to keep sufficient contrast on my menu items on a new development site<development%20site> where I am trying to implement new branding colors. . At full desktop size, no problem, but as I shrink the browser (before I get into the media query that will bring shrink the menu to a hamburger menu) I begin to lose some of my menu items if I keep the font the same size. If I make the font smaller, then I will lose sufficient contrast.

Changing the colors is not an option. These are new branding colors our communications dept came up with .
The current site is here<https://www.sbctc.edu/>. It has the same contrast issues, but the font gets smaller to make the menu items not disappear.

I'm hoping someone has a solution I haven't thought of, other than changing the media query to bring in the hamburger menu sooner.

Angela French
Internet/Intranet Specialist
Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges