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Mouse-only interactive line chart + same data in table format = sufficient?


From: escetic@gmail.com
Date: Nov 20, 2017 2:19PM

Hi All,

We’re aiming for AA and we’ve produced a page which is a calculator, the user enters an amount and results are then displayed as a line chart, with two lines, showing different amounts projected over time. The point of the chart is to be able to compare the two lines.

(In case it’s helpful the chart is built and coded using the HighCharts library.)

I’ve advised that data points for the chart should also be available in HTML table format, for blind users, via a link. This is not controversial.

What is in question is that, since there is a kind of sliding animation effect and visual users can interact with the chart by mousing over different dot points along the lines, revealing via overlay the numbers beneath their pointer (e.g. “5 Years, $123,456”), and since these numbers are not otherwise visible, I’ve advised that we must also accommodate keyboard only users, that they should be able to move focus within the chart using keyboard only.

Question: Is providing the data points in table format sufficient for visual but keyboard only users, or must the convenience of the mouseover exploration be available for keyboard only users as well?

Bonus follow up question if answer is yes: Would slider keyboard interactions be needed here or would tabbing be sufficient?

Thank you!

Rob C