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Role=alert > error messages in forms


From: Fernand van Olphen
Date: Nov 21, 2017 5:44AM

Hi everyone,

I have a question about role=alert and error messages.

- Go to: https://www.denhaag.nl/nl/formulier/aanmelden-nieuwsbrief-1.htm

- Try to Submit the form ("Aanmelden") , leaving all fields blank

- The error messages for the required fields are announced in NVDA. (The error messages have a role=alert)

- Submit the form again

- The error messages are NOT announced again.

Does anyone know why the error messages are only mentioned once, and how to fix this?

Because this example works just fine: https://www.w3.org/WAI/WCAG20/Techniques/working-examples/ARIA19/aria-alert-validation.html

- Role=alert is also used for the error messages

- Submitting the form keeps announcing the error messages,

Fernand van Olphen
Accessibility Advisor
Municipality of The Hague

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