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Re: Testing screen reader compatibility with browsers.


From: mhysnm1964@gmail.com
Date: Nov 24, 2017 7:15PM


Thanks, that was one of the items on my test list to include. I am using Inspect and accessibility probe as I find Aview does not work well with screen readers. I also found the ARIA Git pattern from w3c which could be a starting point.

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> Team,
> Does anyone have or know of a resource for testing screen reader
> compatibility against a browser to identify bugs with the Assistive
> Tech? I am just starting my research into this area and have found
> some resources from PowerMapper, but wonder if there was a GIT
> depositary out there that I could clone which could be used to isolate
> Screen reader problems from accessibility faults with a browser or the design of the page.

One step necessary to check if something's a browser or AT issue is to use a tool that shows you what the browser is actually exposing via the accessibility API. On Windows for instance, you could use things like Inspect
or aViewer https://developer.paciellogroup.com/resources/aviewer/
(disclosure: I work for TPG)

This gives you an insight into whether or not a browser is exposing stuff correctly or not. When just testing browser+AT combinations, one of the problems is that you'll get AT also using heuristics and error-correcting if browsers aren't exposing the correct stuff, so it won't help you easily identify if a discrepancy of how one AT works with a browser compared to another AT is a sign of the AT having issues, or if it's the browser not exposing correct stuff and then ATs simply having different heuristics to cope with that situation.

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