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Re: Watermarks in Word docs


From: Karlen Communications
Date: Dec 7, 2017 12:25PM

...and add it to the Title in the Document Title area (Alt + F, letter I, Q, S). then choose the Advanced Properties dialog. That way if you save the document as a PDF file, and the Show Title is chosen as per PDF/UA instead of the filename, you're covered.

If you simply type it into the Document Title area of the Info tab in Word, that information doesn't seem to synchronize with the advanced Properties dialog so you'll have to type the document title information in the tagged PDF if the document is converted.

I usually put the text on a blank line and make the text white so it doesn't show but TTS and screen readers can find it.

Cheers, Karen

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I recommend adding the watermark text to the filename (e.g. SAMPLE - the real fileneme.docx). file name is first thing read by a screen reader. the filename appears in the center of the word user interface, easy to see.
front loading the file name with the watermark text ensures it will display in the user interface without being truncated.
Also, recommend adding the watermark text as a header and/or footer (tho screen reader might not find it), or if possible make the first line of the document the watermark text in bold (e.g. *SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE ...*)

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> Looking for some guidance for the use of watermarks. I've always
> understood that they are a no no or low vision/contrast issues. We
> have some docs that have a watermark that is a light grey and indicates the doc is a sample.
> Any info on best practice in this case?
> Ilana
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