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Carousel next and previous buttons


From: escetic@gmail.com
Date: Dec 19, 2017 1:47PM

Hi All,

Using any example of an paused accessible carousel, when a screen reader user presses enter on a previous or next button, should:

1) Should focus be placed within the content on the previous or next slide and should this be announced.

2) Should nothing announce and the onus be on the user to navigate into the slide content themselves.

3) Is either 1) or 2) acceptable?

Let's us https://wet-boew.github.io/v4.0-ci/demos/tabs/tabs-carousel-en.html as an example of accessible sliders.

My requirements to devs have thus far been that on pressing a previous or next button focus should automatically go to the slide content which should announce preferably its heading, first, followed by slide (e.g. 2 of 3), followed by content, etc.

What does everyone think?

Thank you in advance!

Rob C