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Re: Innovative accessible design


From: Holly Marie
Date: Oct 14, 2003 9:52AM

From: "FOX, Jake"

> Hi guys,
> I am looking for examples of some really good looking, appealing sites
> are innovative and fully accessible at the same time.

Fully accessible may be the killing point here. Some people's idea of
fully accessible may disclude or not include others. With that in mind
there are websites out there that do have some extra levels of
accessibility included along with some visual appeal to those that can
see. And also... what is appealing to some, may not be to others.

> I would like to see some really creative, daring accessible web design
> examples.

Cinnamon Interactive

Paviljoen Hotel/Restaurant

Westermann Installations

Public Library

these were found listed at one of Joe Clark's presentation note

I have not checked these examples in a while, so I hope they are still
in good fairly good shape.
I am sure there are more out there. Visual design can be very important
to those that see.


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