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Re: 4.1.1 Parsing > nested elements


From: Fernand van Olphen
Date: Mar 29, 2018 4:45AM

Hi Steve,

I agree with you that it is a PITA. But I feel that there is a subtle difference between guidance and instruction.

I have to have some ammo if I am auditing a website and in my report I state that SC 4.1.1 is not met because there are incorrect nested elements.

What if the developer is wcag-savvy, reads my report and slaps me back in my face, saying: :
Incorrect nested elements? According to the Sufficient Technique number 4 I do not have to nest elements correctly, because I can pass the SC by a combination of H74, H93 and H94. So, to hell with your incorrect nested elements!

What am I to say to him ? (Besides: you are fired!!!)


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