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Re: Accessible message board software


From: Christopher Phillips
Date: Oct 20, 2003 10:49AM

> The discussion forum at http://Accessifyforums.com use a PHP
> (presumably
> MySQL) forum.
>> Hello,
>> Can anyone recommend accessible message board software that
>> is PHP/MySQL

I believe the specific thread at Accessifyforums that Julian was
referring to is at:

The message board software that is being used there is a fairly heavily
modded version of phpBB 2.05. The next major release (2.2) is supposed
to come with a fully accessible template, but there is absolutely no
timeline on that release. It could be released by the end of the year
or take another 6 months. In the meantime, you could grab one of the
basic phpBB templates and try to tweak it. I just touched base with
Nigel, who runs accessifyforums and he said he will be releasing his
template when it is completed as well.

I know at one point WebAIM was developing what was to be an accessible
message board, but haven't heard anything about it for a while - maybe
someone there could give us an update?

I know some of the commercial message board applications have also made
some efforts in the accessibility arena, but when I surveyed them a
while ago it seemed like no one was quite there yet, however things
might have changed.

I'd love to hear any information anybody else has on this- it seems
like a topic that most of the message board software largely ignored
when they first developed their software and are now trying to play
catch up, but undoubtedly there is a huge need for it.

Christopher Phillips
Institute for Community Inclusion

On Wednesday, Oct 15, 2003, at 16:15 US/Eastern,

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