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Re: sales people


From: Sarah Brainard
Date: Oct 21, 2003 10:02AM

> I wish people wouldn't try to sell me things on this mailinglist.
> Am I the only one who thinks this?
> -J

I usually do not "chime in" to statements like this, and would generally
agree. But as Ms. Simberkoff said, it is a Free piece of software and I
think it is important that we know it is out there. There is so much out
there, that knowing about something from a company who's products are used a
lot within the "usability/accesibility world" is not a bother to me, it
helps to avoid sifting through everything else. It is not something I would
have much use for currently, but someone else whom is part of this
list-serve might.

Ms. Simberkoff is a wonderful resource and has been very helpful to me in
the past and I do not feel that she was out of place for posting that at
all. Just my three cents.

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