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RE: sales people


From: Robert B. Yonaitis
Date: Oct 21, 2003 2:37PM


Good point and good comment on a feature of the alternative text quality
checker. It will basically look at all alternative text and using well known
techniques determine if an authoring tool might have placed alternative text
in without human intervention. For example image001.gif etc. Additionally
checkpoint 1.1 of the alternative text quality report will look to see if
word Image was used to decribe image, see below:

The checkpoint is more of an example:

Each Test links back to the custom report recommendation for the test so you
should find it easy to track what the test means:

For Example Alt Text Quality Check:
1.1 Validate that the alt text does not use the word image
When users add alternative text to an image they tend to add the word
"Image" when it really says nothing about the image, but describes the
object versus the meaning of the object. This check will fail a page for the
use of the word image in the alternative text.

Example: Image of Bird

If you had our software you could turn it off and on our online tester you
can simply un select [ ] Include the Content Quality Reports. This will give
you the default test types excluding the alternative text quality.

You will never see this report (informational) if you unselect the check

Best Regards

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