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RE: good example


From: Patricia Murray
Date: Oct 22, 2003 8:37AM

I used to do a Jaws demo and found it easier to create my own very
simple pages. I used three pages which all looked identical:

1. Used bold and font tags in order to give the impression of headings
(In Jaws list headings and see nothing), tables for layout
(linearization of content), images without alt attributes.
2. Used structural heading tags; CSS for layout (show how change content
order using CSSP and thereby optimize graphical content for graphical
user and HTML sequence for JAWS user); images with alt attributes.
3. Frames (cos even if your designers don't use them, VLES do so users
will be confronted with them). Demo how JAWS users can only load 1 frame
at a time and can list frames and therefore sensible frame naming will
assist greatly.

Hope this helps, Trish

E-Learning Developer
Nomis, University of Durham
0191 334 2680

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