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Study Showing the Effect Accessibility Has on the Earning Levels of Blind People


From: Brandon Keith Biggs
Date: Apr 24, 2018 9:03AM


For people who want to show the effect accessibility has on blind users, a
study was just released that showed if blind people had accessible tools
for work, they produced 3 times as much output and earned 2.5 times as much
money as their sighted counterparts.

There is a direct connection between accessibility in the workplace and the
massive unemployment rate of blind people in the world.

Next time you go into a meeting with a work-related piece of software, you
can point to this and say:

If our app is accessible, it will have a direct effect on raising 90% of
the blind people in the world out of poverty.


This is an app that allows blind people to transcribe audio to create
transcripts of recordings.

The UX could have been much better by having both an auto spelling
corrector, and by allowing the blind users to edit words directly. But this
just shows how much of an impact accessibility has on the poverty levels of
blind people.

I can tell you that most software tools are still not accessible enough to
work professionally on. Only Quickbooks and Cash Manager is accessible
enough for bookkeepers and accountants to use out of the hundreds of
business financial management tools.


Brandon Keith Biggs <http://brandonkeithbiggs.com/>;