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introduction and a question


From: Chris Westbrook
Date: Apr 27, 2018 5:21AM

Hello to all. I am a totally blind web developer loking to upgrade my
skills. I have been working on an enterprise asp.net webforms project for
the past 10 years and am trying to learn some more modern technologies like
aira and javascript frameworks, etc. Currently I am building a little app
in angular. I am new to aria, but I am noticing when I have
aria-atomic="true" and aria-live="polite" that the region is being read
multiple times even though it is only changing once. It is reading the same
thing twice so I know it is not changing. Are there any good tips for
troubleshooting what might be going on? I have fields changing based on
calculations, and I would like those changes announced but only once. Is
there a better way to communicate to screen readers something has changed
other than aria-live, perhaps with a notification or something? Obviously
sighted people would just see the changes on the screen. Also do you have
any tips on using he firefox console, it seems to be a semipainful
experience, if I console.lg an object nvda doesn't read it at all it just
says treeview. Thanks for any feedback you can provide.