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Re: good example


From: Stephanie Sullivan
Date: Oct 22, 2003 9:53AM

on 10/22/03 11:07 AM, Cheryl Kirkpatrick at <EMAIL REMOVED>
profoundly spewed forth their very articulate thoughts:

> We are going to do both. Unfortunately, ones encountering problems are easy to
> find. I do have some good examples but have not found one that I think is the
> shining example. One thing I am looking for is a visual "skip navigation". It
> seems that even the good sites are hiding that.

Don't know if you're wanting just a library site or what... We've just
launched our new site at Community MX and we have a visual skip area. We
used tabindex to make those links appear first. (http://www.communitymx.com

Also, on a client's site we put visual skip links at the top of the
navigation (and didn't use tabindex)... If you want to use either of these
for testing... (http://www.kspope.com )

Stephanie Sullivan

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