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Re: good example


From: Stephanie Sullivan
Date: Oct 22, 2003 10:02AM

on 10/22/03 11:16 AM, Zwack, Melanie at <EMAIL REMOVED> profoundly
spewed forth their very articulate thoughts:

> Our site has a good example of skip navigation:
> http://www.whitehousedrugpolicy.gov/statelocal/index.html

This one won't work with tabbing through... I get the seal and then the
Alabama link. We just had a huge discussion about this on the CSS-d list...
There are a variety of methods that don't work well for both tabbing and
screen readers...

I settled on one that I've written about in a book project that's a blend of
two other people's methods.

Use an AP div set to 0height and 0width... Overflow must be hidden. Then,
set your a:hover, a:active, a:focus to show the AP div with an "auto" height
and width with overflow shown... I also made lots of little things that made
it look pretty when it appears like background color and border and such. It
worked well in everything Moz based, IE6 (important since JAWS bases it's
rendering on that) and the only real failure was in Opera (and Safari which
doesn't support tabbed navigation yet)... But my guess is that people that
need assistive technology do not use things like Opera and Safari since
they're have such limited support.

Anyway... That's the best thing I've found to support both tabbing and
screen readers so far.... Besides just showing the links (which is what my
previous email of examples do).

Stephanie Sullivan

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