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JAWS and <th> tags


From: Michelle Wiss
Date: Sep 5, 2001 9:10PM

Hi --
I just got a bug report from our QA group that I'm reasonably certain isn't
a bug at all. QA is testing our application pages in JAWS and they are
experiencing the following:
1. Upon opening a page, JAWS reads everything on the page in logical order.
2. If the user selects a block of text, JAWS will reread the selected text,
3. The text appearing between <th> tags is not being read when the text is
selected with the mouse. I'm quite positive that this is in fact a feature,
not a bug, as it were, but I do not know enough about the screen reader to
explain what is going on, beyond that it isn't rereading text that is
between <th> tags.
Can anyone point me towards some resources that might help me explain
precisely what is happening here?

Michelle R. Wiss
Plateau Systems, Ltd.
+1 (703) 292-0207