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Re: Any ARIA conforming tab panels out there in the wild?


Date: May 19, 2018 5:58AM

The website of the UK Government uses tabpanels. An example of their
implementation is here:


On 18/05/2018 21:14, glen walker wrote:
> Discussing the tab control is a fascinating subject. Truly. But we're
> getting off topic. The original question was for an example that
> implemented the authoring practice's recommendation, which I posted.
> If we want to talk about improvements to the tab control, we can certainly
> start another thread.
> With regards to Birkir's tab comments, he was involved with 3 others in a
> rebuttal type blog post regarding the tab control. You can read that at
> https://medium.theuxblog.com/danger-testing-accessibility-with-real-people-4515f72db648
> With regards to the aria-controls article, that is at
> http://www.heydonworks.com/article/aria-controls-is-poop
> With regards to JAWS mapping tabs to a combobox, I think it's more accurate
> to say it lumps the tabs with other controls. The ctrl+ins+c dialog in
> JAWS says it's for "ARIA Controls, comboboxes, listboxes, or treeviews".
> So it's not really considered a combobox with respect to the accessibility
> tree, but it is lumped with some other objects so you can navigate to it
> with the C shortcut. I can also navigate to listboxes and treeviews with
> the C key, but I don't think of them as comboboxes. I just didn't want
> things to get (more) confusing if we start talking about tabs as comboboxes.
> Glen
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